Order from the Best Chicken Restaurants in Melbourne

When only a bucket full of freshly fried, seasoned chicken will do (and that's surprisingly often), Melbourne is a great place to be.

The city is full of superb chicken delivery options, with different marinades and styles to choose from - and all of the best chicken restaurants in Melbourne can be found at foodora.

Dine on a Perfectly Cooked, Spicy Chicken Wings Delivery

"If you want wings, Melbourne delivers. One of our favourite restaurants of the moment is Gami on King, located in a renovated basement on King Street in the CBD. But Gami isn't an ordinary chicken eatery. They specialise in Korean fried chicken, using a mixture of 17 different herbs (but always sourcing their chicken from Victorian farms). If you want a touch of sweet and sour with your fried chicken delivery, Nene Chicken are also superb - offering spicy Korean burgers, wraps and wings from locations all over town."

Order Fried Chicken to Feed a Family from Some Superb Restaurants

But there's much more on offer than Korean chicken delivery options. Take Schnitz, for example might serve the best fried chicken in Melbourne. They operate a string of renowned restaurants across the city, creating schnitzel-style chicken takeaway meals that are inspired by Polish cuisine. If you feel the need for fried chicken, but want to keep the calories down, their chicken schnitzels come with beautiful salads (but you can order them with chips and plenty of decadent sauces as well). Whether you want a European fried chicken feast or a spicy Korean adventure, order a delivery with foodora today.

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