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Indian food is a traditional cuisine that comprises of fragrant rice, grilled tandoori meats, vegetables and yoghurt-based sauces like Navratan Korma. Indian food in Brisbane is gaining popularity and the demand has resulted in the rise of high class best Indian restaurants in Brisbane. Tandoori chicken roasted in a special clay oven, the “tandoor” and spiced with marinade and yoghurt. Biryani dish, a mixture of rice and curry is prepared either dry, with meat or creamy. Mango Lassi, a combination of yoghurt and mango makes the Indian dish enjoyable as it complements the curry. Jatt Flava and Indian Mehfil are restaurants in Brisbane accredited for best Indian Brisbane cuisine.

How to eat Indian food the Indian way

Bread should be eaten first accompanied with some meat or vegetables. This is done by folding the bread with the vegetable/meat. Pick a bit of the side dish. Sample each dish separately to appreciate individual characteristics. Use all five fingers to scoop rice and the main dish. Side dishes adds texture and different flavors and should be applied in small portions preferably after the main dish. We offer Indian delivery from Punjabi Palace and Karma, the best Indian restaurant Brisbane.

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