Order from a top Japanese restaurant in Sydney

Experience the elegant flavors of Japanese cuisine

From gyoza buns to spicy tofu curries, and from comforting noodle bowls to desserts fit for the sweetest of teeth, a Japanese restaurant in Sydney will be able to cater for all tastes and all appetites.

Delve in to our take out list and choose the best Japanese restaurant in Sydney for you

We loved putting together our definitive list of the best places to grab a Japanese delivery in Sydney. Our list includes highlights such as Harajuku Gyoza and Hamachi Ya, Or, if you are on a raw diet, why not savor the delights of Raw Bar? Makizo is another very popular place for locals in Sydney to order from (and with good reason as it is absolutely delicious) though there are plenty of other eateries to explore here. So jump right in and find your favorite!

Get your Japanese delivery as quickly as can be

When you place a delivery order with us, we always try and deliver it to wherever you are in less than 30 minutes. Ordering is always very quick with us too (it really does take just seconds), whether you use our website or our excellent food ordering app for smartphones. So, why not explore our selection of places to order Japanese in Sydney today, and treat yourself to something mouthwateringly tasty for your next meal or snack.

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