Enjoy the best sushi delivery in Melbourne

Order in a sushi delivery in Melbourne and you will not be disappointed.

Grabbing a meal from a sushi delivery near you will provide you with everything from a light lunch to a platter of treats to serve at an evening event in a local art gallery.

Enjoy the best a sushi restaurant in Melbourne has to offer

"Melbourne is home to some brilliant places to order sushi. Pokéd is often described as the best sushi restaurant in Melbourne, but locals also love Purple Peanuts and Sushi Sushi. If you are wondering where to start with your sushi adventures in this city, why not opt for one of these three brilliant options, which come highly recommended by our foodie team? We also couldn't talk about sushi in Melbourne without mentioning Izakaya Chuji, so make a note to try this eatery out as well!"

Explore the best sushi of Melbourne to the max!

From maki rolls to salmon nigri, and from dragon rolls to tofu omelets, the sushi delivery scene in this city is creative, varied, and very exciting. What can possibly be holding you back? Grab some delectable sushi in Melbourne today. Sushi is brilliant sharing food, so we recommend inviting a few friends around to join in the fun. If you are unsure about which dishes to try, that's no problem: it's usual to order a little bit of everything when you are having sushi, so you can order a few menu items from Purple Peanuts, Izakaya Chuji and Pokéd at once!

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